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Cut through the noise and create magnificent content

Recently major marketing players have been pushing the importance of “content.” What makes content great? I personally feel like great content is:

1. Emotionally stimulating

2. New and interesting

3. Memorable

4. Vivid

Remember that people share information that they think is important and improves their image. So if your content is hilarious and memorable, a person will want to share it with friends to make them laugh. If your content is new and exciting than a person would want to share it to inform others but also to appear in the loop. It is not bad thing to pursue the improvement of our image! We should all be more mindful of our own brand, ourselves. Regardless of the intention it is great that communication is more easily accessible! Content sharing, thanks to the internet, is ridiculously easy. We as companies and consumers must perpetuate amazing content. Though we as companies are responsible for producing great conent as well. There is so much noise swarming around every person and we have to be outstanding to reach people. The game has been stepped up ladies and gentlemen. Are you up for the challenage?

Have you found more success with pictures and videos rather than words? Has it been difficult to speak the language of people that would benefit most from your product/service?

So, what do you think ?