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Faster. Shorter. Louder. Different.

  • Vine app – 6 seconds
  • Instagram Video – 15 seconds
  • Viddy  – 30 seconds

The trend in new social apps is making content faster, shorter, and louder. Media has become an addiction and is only sated by increasing speed, decreasing attention necessary for use and packaging everything in a wide array of visual candy. A comparison of the average shot length in recent movies versus 80 years ago will reveal the public’s need for speed. The Bourne Supremacy had an average shot length of 2.4 seconds compared to the 1933 Madame Bovary which clocked in an average shot length of 22.8 seconds.I am, of course, using the comparison of an action movie to a classic deliberately to demonstrate the differences in demand. People in 1933 wanted a movie with an average shot length of 22.8 seconds. Now, audiences demand media at rapid rates driving the industry ever-closer to instantaneous delivery.

Who has time to watch a 1.5 minute YouTube video anymore!? I mean, I do have a life.

This social trend is not all bad for marketers. Our job is harder, yes, but the opportunity for creativity is exciting. Many marketing industry leaders have been preaching “be different” for quite some time but the recent additions of shorter video apps have increased the importance of this concept from”really good idea” to “essential for survival.”  Now is the time to either drown in a sea of 1.2 billion micro-videos about the uneventful lives of mindless Internet drones, or surf the wave so well that you catch the attention of savvy Internet users across the globe. You want the smart people to notice. They are the ones with enough sense to move past a good laugh or a raised eyebrow to actually engage with your company. It will take strategy, creativity, finesse, and most likely money but the outcome of truly “being different” has the potential for rockstar success with an audience that matters.

Those who met Salvador Dali never forgot him. Between the outrageous mustache, the purple velvet blazer, the giraffe skin pants, or the psychedelic leather shoes, people could not forget Dali. He developed a reputation faster than his contemporaries because it only took one touch point to brand himself. Imagine if your marketing was that way. Imagine if people only needed to see your ads/website once and they would always remember you.

Here are some examples of ads/websites that I only had to see once to remember (this is not an exhaustive list and feel free to leave a comment with your examples):

Maybe those days are over because people have seen it all. I don’t think so. And I think those that think so will be saying the same thing after we believers wow the world with something new. “Now we’ve seen it all,” they’ll say condescendingly. “No,” we’ll say. “Watch this…”




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