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How an ant tells his friends about a cookie

Let’s start with a short story, shall we? An ant finds a cookie on the ground. 10 minutes later there are hundreds of ants all eating and carrying pieces of the cookie to the colony. Now there are lots of happy ants. The end.

So how did he do it!? How was an ant, who has no access to any form of social media, cell phone, or internet, able to spread the word? Wouldn’t you love to have that kind of response to your next event?

Well I think there are several lessons we can all learn from ants when it comes to marketing. Here they are:

1. Start with something amazing. To an ant, and me, cookies are amazing. It is WAY easier to spread the word about something amazing than something mediocore.

2. Make sure what you are marketing will help people in some way. The cookie benefits everyone who comes AND their families back at the colony. Can you say that about your product/service?

3. Use it yourself. The ant not only smells the cookie but he takes a bite for himself.

4. Give out samples. Prove to all the ants that you have something great. Let them taste it. Let them see it, feel it, and smell it. Sales increase when all 5 senses are stimulated in some way.

5. Talk about it. The ant talked to all his friends about the cookie. Also, he probably talked to a key influencer, the Queen. Sometimes the best person to talk to first is a person with influence and popularity.

6. Be the one to show the way. The ant led the way to the cookie. He was involved every step of the way.

7. Enjoy.

What are you thoughts? Anything you would add?

So, what do you think ?