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The Polar Plunge


Inspirational on the surface and amazingly philosophical at its core. This simple statement is a good summery of an idea I have been pondering and beta testing: the polar plunge. If you have never heard of the polar plunge or perhaps are familiar with the concept under a different name, I am referring to the group of seemingly unstable people that run full speed into the ocean…in February. I first encountered this strange phenomenon in Myrtle Beach, SC when a group of scantly clad senior citizens charged toward the sea at a blinding velocity. In they went, yelling and dancing in the frigid water. If my memory is in working order, then I believe they called themselves The Polar Bear Club. It was indeed a fitting name considering I haven’t seen as much white fur in one place since I visited the polar bear exhibit at the Columbia Zoo. (For the record, white hair is a sign of wisdom. It is like a general’s uniform. When you see it, show respect to the person in it.)

It takes courage, drive, and tenacity to bolt toward an icy bath. Jumping into cold water is awful. It stings, it is uncomfortable, and it makes people question the sanity of the February Freestylers. However, if we replace the sub-freezing swim with another activity or task that is similarly uncomfortable, then perhaps the polar plunge illuminates a solution to encourage execution. When we hesitate to start a business, contact an extremely successful person, begin writing a book, fix something broken, apply for a job, make an investment, do something uncomfortable we need to remember the polar plunge. Just do it. Just run full speed. Don’t allow time to talk yourself out of it. Of course, be wise as well. The brave seniors did not run into a cold sewage pond, or a chilly radioactive drain pool. The plunge assumes you know into what you are jumping. Do your research. Consider options. When you find something worth doing, run. Run full speed ahead. Just do it.


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  1. Morgan

    Love this post! You are rapidly becoming an excellent writer, Greg. I look forward to more posts from the Ink Blog. :))


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