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The Future is Video Marketing


Originally published in 2011

Most marketers may agree that video marketing plays an important role in an overall marketing strategy. Most marketers may agree that viral videos increase brand awareness. However I am not hearing many marketers talking about the immense popularity of video marketing and the longevity of its impact.

First, the stats.
The annual growth of YouTube from 2006-2009 has been 180%.1
Also, in November 2009, YouTube had 12 billion video views.2

Next, the future.
Social media is huge. The ad world is in a social media frenzy right now. Video marketing should be just as important of a topic as social media. The effects on consumers are similar between video and social. For example, successful facebook pages and/or tweets get shared with hundreds of thousands of people and the same is true for a successful video. Also, viral tweets and videos stimulate word-of-mouth, which of course is the most important piece. There is so much noise and clutter in the advertising space that companies must work extra hard to be top of mind with consumers. If this is a goal then consider how effective something is when it appeals to several senses. Sure a picture is worth a thousand words but a memory is worth volumes. Why? Because a memory typically includes sounds, sights, smells, even tastes and touches. A tweet appeals to 1 sense; sight. Whereas video appeals to 2 senses; sight and sound. A creative, professional, and appealing video can be an incredible boost for a brand.

The effect a video has on a person is one of the major reasons why video is not only here to stay but will continue to increase in popularity. Certainly ride the social media wave right now but include creative videos in the marketing mix. It will pay off in the end. Stay on our feed to see our next post about the key ingredients for creating a viral video.

What are your thoughts on the future of marketing?


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