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What is Klout?


Klout Logois a great new website that scores your social influence on a scale of 0-100. What is social influence? This is a measure of how popular your tweets, posts, status updates, and profiles are. Simply connect your twitter, facebook, and linkedin accounts to your Klout account and it will calculate your score. This great to have because you can see where you currently stand in the social world and then make realistic steps to improving your score and ultimately your social influence. There is an audience out there just waiting to be inspired. Even the New Mexican Chimney Sweepers Coalition! So start inspiring your audience. By the way…What is your score?! Post it in a comment below. It is always fun to compare.

There are several reasons why your Klout score is important but that is for another post. To learn more about Klout check out this cool video by the CEO, Joe Fernandez.

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Greg Bartos

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