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Your Ideal Social Media Strategy


Sound an alarm or start a fire?

This question is something we must ask ourselves before we implement a social media strategy. Carefully note the differences in approach. An alarm is loud and interrupting. It captures the attention of some people, especially people that haven’t heard it before. Certain people may even respond to the alarm, more so if they think it applies to them personally. Though for others, it is just annoying noise. However, a fire is something that starts with very few elements and has virtually (pun intended since we’re talking about social media) unlimited potential. A fire can grow very quickly, but it can also be extinguished very quickly if the appropriate precautions are not taken. A true wildfire takes time, energy, and much fuel, but once it reaches a certain point it can withstand immense opposition.

So after reading this, which fits in more with your goal? What would you like your social media efforts to accomplish? Can you think of brands that demonstrate each of these analogies?

So, what do you think ?